Software Architect

Curriculum Vitae

Experience and skills acquired during over 15 years of professional work in the sector of information technology.

Experiences of electronic and electrical systems

Consulting activities targeted at companies of different type and size, I followed and developed personally and in team IT projects applied to various sectors of industry and services.

Analysis of project development and implementation of application solutions diversified for typology and technological context.

Creation of solutions in environments: client / server, Web Server, Smartphone / mobile and related interaction and integration

Achievements of RDBMS-based solutions

Design development and implementation of application solutions for computer graphics environments, creation of plugins and functional extensions for Cinema4D environment.

Teaching activities relating to the following areas: different applications and office automation, several RDBMS, various procedural and object programming languages

Consulting and Application Development c/o AGIP FUEL, VTE Voltri Terminal Europe, POSTEL - SEAT, ABB Energy Automation, CVA Valdostane Water Company, ERG, SEA, CESI, Terna, the Lombardy Region.

Microsoft Certifications on .NET technology

Master on computer graphics with Cinema 4D at C4Dzone, Making a short 3D film movie.

Software Architect of since 2012 with responsibility for research and development of plugins and software solutions for Cinema 4D (Maxon)

3D modeler, Rigger e Animator

Trainer at C4Dzone School

Website Moderator of

Founder with Alessandro Maniscalco and Elisa Salgarelli of Cranky Monkey Studio SRL: an Indie Videgame Development house

Making of the videogame Bubble Jungle, a 3D platform with multiplayer online cross platform capabilities: Android, iOS, Windows (on STEAM platform)

Role within the project: Characters Rigging, programming of the whole Bubble Jungle videogame and its playing logic.

Maxon published an articol about Bubble Jungle Videogame

From 2016 responsible for software development and research and development IOT industry at Newlab SRL

Designing and developing portals Newlab Academy e Newlab Designer dedicated to the automatic generation of technical sheets, manuals and wiring diagram schemes for Newlab products.

Software design and development for electronic control and automatic programming of Newlab devices

Integration of Google Home and Amazon Alexa Voice assistant within Newlab Wifi products

Skills aquired during these years:

Client Server Technologies .Net Framework, C#, VB.Net, GDI+, Crystal Report .NET, QT with QML and QTQuick, C++, C
Web Technologies and related Framework PHP, Python 2.x and 3.x, Apache Web Server, Django, Flask, Javascript, Typescript, Node JS, Angular JS, Angular 2.x, Vue 3, React, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, Webix, Pixie, ASP.Net since 2.0, Google S.E.O., IIS, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Action Script 3.0
Serverless Technologies Amazon AWS Services
Mobile Platform development QT with QML and QTQuick, Cordova, Lua and Corona SDK, Phonegap, Ionic 3, Objective C
Other Technologies and framework Google Action SDK, Google Homegraph API, OAUTH2.0, Alexa Skills Kit SDK, Open CV
Scripting Languages Windows and Linux Shell, Ruby, Perl
RDBMS MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle
Database NOSQL Redis, DynamoDB
3D Graphics and 3D Engines Cinema 4D Xpresso and related Python SDK, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4, Realflow, Blender, XNA Studio
IOT Technologies and Lighting Protocols Raspberry PI, ESP32, ESP8266, Cypress Psoc Creator, Free RTOS, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, Thread, DMX512, DALI
System activity Ambienti Windows, Linux (Debian based), Mac OSX, Amazon Web Service (AWS)
Cabling system DVB-T and DVB-S plant, Allarms and video surveillance, Networking and telephony, Civil electrical installations
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